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Down The Rabbit Hole?

(Photo: MousePlanet)

Might there be a reason that construction has not begun in earnest on the new Fantasyland? Perhaps…

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10 comments to Down The Rabbit Hole?

  • Mark W

    Can you explain what you’re implying here ’cause I’m very confused… Are you saying that Odyssey may come back as more than a seldom-used “special events” only location and that the time/planning/energy necessary to make that happen is diverting attention away from the new Fantasyland project? Or are you saying that similar to Odyssey, the new Fantasyland is already mothballed, never to return? Or something else entirely? Curiouser and curiouser…

  • ry

    I’m not following.. please spell this out for me

  • I’m not following, either. I know that work is being done on Fantasyland, as I saw trees being cut down while riding the Walt Disney World Railroad a couple weeks ago.

    While anything is possible at Walt Disney World, I highly doubt Fantasyland will be put on hold for a re-work of Odyssey, assuming one is in the works. After all, work is being done in Mexico and Italy (and just wrapped up in China), so they could definitely use that manpower to work on the Odyssey once those projects are complete.

  • Well, wasn’t the Odyssey relocated from the spot it was originally planned because of a sinkhole? I know most of the area for the Fantasyland expansion is on reclaimed 20K lagoon land, but perhaps they’ve discovered some structural problem or another? That’s the only connection I can think of to the Odyssey, frankly.

    But now you’ve gone and gotten me curious!

  • Yep…I’m lost too. A little more info, please! :-)

  • Chris wins the kewpie doll :)
    Don’t worry, Mr. Bluebird On My Shoulder says that it should hopefully just be a minor delay…

  • Celeste C.

    OOoohhh dangit, I actually knew that. Darn old Mystery Hill getting in the way of scoring a Kewpie doll!

  • Interesting. I don’t know this but I will speculate just for fun. I would think that 20k was a big concrete box floating on top of the wetland. When they were done they used the cheapest fill they could find to fill the box. Now they have to replace all of that in order to hold up the buildings. That attraction is right against a 100-year flood plain.

    It is like the new monorails at Disneyland. Beautiful. Great design. Wrong dimensions and no way to get cool air in on a hot day.


  • ^ But unlike oddessy in Epcot, 20,000 leagues, like the Magic Kingdom itself, was above ground to begin with, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem, right?

  • Thanks for the insight as usual, Sam. It’s good to know how these things work; it kind of blows the mind to think how complicated it is to do something that many people would think of as easy as slapping up a building.

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