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What Does Captain EO Stand For?

There’s a question that I’ve seen pop up often over the years in the search results by which people are redirected to this site. With all the hubbub leading up to yesterday’s return of Captain EO to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, I’ve seen a new explosion of people asking this question:

What does Captain “EO” stand for?

I’m assuming they mean as an abbreviation, not what does he stand for philosophically. Because you do not want to know.

Anyway, to answer that question I’ll quote myself – a citation from my old, old, old original Disney website, WEBCOT:

The name ‘Captain EO’ comes from Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn. Yes, Imagineers sometimes take drugs.

So there you go. Officially, EO doesn’t stand for anything. Not even Earl Owensby. It’s just a shout-out to all those ancient Greeks who happen to be Jacko fans.

And now, because it’s apropos, I repost this video:

While I’m no EO fan, doesn’t the fact that we’re still saddled with Honey, I Shrunk the Audience seem like another instance of Walt Disney World getting a swift kick to the batch while Disneyland points and laughs? Let’s see how John Lasseter would like it if he could only ever see Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management in perpetuity.

I’ll keep reminding myself – we have the WEDway, we have the WEDway…

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