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The Progress City Radio Hour Is On The Air!

The Progress City Radio Hour

…It’s here.

At long last, the inaugural episode of the Progress City Radio Hour has arrived. We’re still working on technical matters, and it’ll take a while to show up in iTunes, but for now – enjoy!

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15 comments to The Progress City Radio Hour Is On The Air!

  • Tom Morrow

    Great stuff guys! Enjoyed it very much. You kept me up till 2AM listening so that should tell you it was good. Great musical interludes. Eveyone needs to keep listening to the very end. Ok. We’re ready for the next one already. Get busy. Thanks for a very entertaining 90 minutes.

  • IcingHeart

    Awesome podcast! Great information, and the music is fantastic! Though I should have had lunch before checking your blog. Despite my rumbling tummy, I kept listening to the end. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a hot sandwich…

  • Bonne Appetite

    Throughly enjoyed the podcast! It was very entertaining and informative. I loved the music and all of the segments. Makes me want to head off to Cali to visit Disneyland after the tour. I am ready for more! Thanks guys for a very entertaining afternoon. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks everybody… we’re still waiting for iTunes to clear the feed, and look forward to posting a link so you can subscribe.

  • Another Voice

    As someone who remembers watching all the wonders of the original ‘Progress City’ at Disneyland – thanks for showcasing all the things that Disney can – and should – be.

    P.S. You’re right about ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye’. Giving a ride a setting and a plot is not the same thing as giving it a story.

  • philphoggs

    I’ve heard the source of PCUSA’s depth~ goody goody guys, well done, and will only get better in future episodes. And ya know what, it was fun, including Sam Eagles final lecture ;) I’ll re-listen to this at work when I can really concentrate.

    P.S. Center Street, Penny Arcade, Main Street Cinema?? – Alas poor Yorick
    P.S.S. The theme music was indeed great… kinda Woody G waving from the People Mover

  • Tinkerbell

    Excellent! I enjoyed it all very much and agree with Tom Morrow. Keep listening to the very end. I can’t wait for the next one. Walt would be proud.

  • Phil: Hahaha thanks… I’m glad the Sam the Eagle vibe has already been detected by several people. I wouldn’t have done that piece if I didn’t have the Great Moments underscore to accompany it.

    Also, your comment nearly made me fall out of my chair because we were discussing future music opportunities yesterday and I said I wanted a Guthrie-like train song about the Peoplemover – great minds think alike! I can’t believe you said that, it’s cracking me up…

    And Tink – thanks!

  • We choose to record the second podcast…. and do the other things…. Not because they are easy, but because they are haaaaaaaard.

  • DajoFlo

    Fantastic show fellas! I’m a new Disneyland “Cast Member” and your show helped me catch up on some history I wasn’t aware of! Please keep it up!

  • Wow….terrific broadcast! I agree with you on so many of the things you discussed. I LOVE the Meet The World theme song. It was great hearing the demo….thank you for sharing that!

    I have never been a fan of the Indiana Jones Adventure. My first time riding it was during soft-opening back in 1995 and I was greatly disappointed. It looked much better in the concept artwork. Tokyo DisneySea’s version fortunately improves upon several of the scenes, elimating the unconvincing “projected rats” effect and also the blacklit painted flats in the “dart room.”

    Can’t wait for your next Progcast. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  • DF: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Let us know if there’s anything exciting going on out at Disneyland!

    MTW: Our pleasure – I’ve been very pleased to see that we started a mini-wave of “Meet the World” mania. Many of my friends now have it permanently stuck in their heads, and they aren’t even fans.

    I was expecting a big backlast from Indy fans, but I didn’t say that to be iconoclastic – I was really disappointed! I guess 15 years of the big, big buildup could only lead to disappointment, but I also have the feeling that lots of effects probably weren’t working which didn’t help. I have heard that the Tokyo version has more dimensional sets and is more immersive. Anyway, I was expecting that to be the big exciting reveal for this WDW vet but instead I wound up being floored by Pirates! I didn’t see that coming…

    As for Ep2., my segment is already down on tape so hopefully it won’t be too long…

  • I had never heard the entire Meet The World song in English before. I had bought the soundtrack when I was in Japan and fell in love with the Japanese version even though I didn’t know what they were saying.

    By the way, Anaheim’s Penny Arcade used to be filled only with arcade machines. They expanded the candy parlour into that space some years back and reduced the number of machines in there….and also added a bunch of those “pressed penny” machines. At least some of the antique machines are still there, huh? And at least Main St. Cinema is still a Cinema!

    I’m glad that Anaheim still has Center St. too, but they did fill in the actual street a while back so that it is level with the sidewalks (maybe people were falling off the curbs?)….but again, at least it’s still there!

  • asmaha

    Great work. Seems that you are already well on your way to striking the right tone for all of us who love this stuff but can’t suffer through another giddy fan site or, even worse, distory redux v4.0. Love your music selections…tempo is just right….a thoroughly enjoyable time all around. Keep up the good work.

    Indeed, we were here when it all began.

  • Don’t let Apple hold you back. You can put together a an iTunes feed on while Apple takes its time, and publish it to your site.

    Just my 2 cents.

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