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A Little Friday Night Viewing?

If you’re as lame as I am, and have nothing to do tonight, why not get a fantastic dose of Disney history by checking out the latest amazing Walt Disney World footage by Lord Phoenix on YouTube? This time around, we have the Magic Kingdom during its Tencennial in 1981.

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5 comments to A Little Friday Night Viewing?

  • Andrew Horberry

    Thanks for finding these, and thanks to Lord Phoenix for posting. Brought back many happy memories of June 1982, when my parents decided to take all four of their offspring to WDW for our first ever family holiday. Florida was quite the contrast to south-west Scotland, where we lived, and made an indelible impression – although I seem to remember another Tencennial theme (“Ten-cennial! Ten-cennial!”), as well as “Walt Disney World is your world!”.

  • Kevin Barron

    Thanks for posting this also. My wife and I marched and played in one of the Tencennial parades as part of our school’s marching band. We were young(er) and had a ball. It was a thrill I will always remember.

  • Andrew H. — you are correct; there was another theme. I also marched with my HS band in the parade in spring of ’82. The “Walt Disney World is your world!” theme is NOT the one we played. There is a hint of the second “birthday” theme in a video I just found today:it starts at the :05:40 mark in this 9 1/2 minute video. It’s a little faster than I remeber us playing it. See what you think.

  • Excellent! Thanks for the information guys.

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