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Walt’s Scrapbook – Mahalo! August, 1934

Walt and Lillian Disney arrive in Hawaii, August 1934“Walt Disney and his wife Lillian arrive in Honolulu for a week’s stay, Oct. 23, 1934.” (AP Photo)

Looking good, guys! Have fun at the hukilau!

I was going to research a little story to accompany this nice photo of Walt and Lilly arriving in Honolulu for vacation, but why should I bother when I’d just be trying to re-create this great piece of research by Michael Barrier about the same trip? There are some nice little details in that story, so check it out. Needless to say, Walt’s stated plans to do nothing on his holiday “except to lie on the beach in the sun and wiggle my toes in the sand” were short-lived.

One oddity – as you notice, the caption of the AP photo above stated that the Disneys arrived in Honolulu on October 23rd, 1934. This is untrue; their actual arrival date was August 16th. By October, they had long since returned to the mainland.

PS. The ship the Disneys took to Hawaii was the S.S. Lurline. This piece of trivia is completely unimportant, save for the fact that I love that there was a ship called the S.S. Lurline.

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