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Whither King Of The Elves?

It hasn’t been long since word emerged that one of the directors had been removed from King of the Elves, the computer animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios that had been publicly announced for release in 2012. Since then, I’ve received lots of visitors to the site from Google searches about the film being canceled. On many animation sites, it seems that the conventional wisdom is that the film’s production has been halted. I was uncertain about this – after all, animated films go back for retooling all the time – but I noticed with sadness today that the film had been removed from the official Disney Animation site. Previously, there had been a link and a blurb for the film right beneath the one for Rapunzel.

So, is it in turnaround or has it gone the way of Fraidy Cat, My Peoples, and Wild Life? I certainly hope not. A Disney animated film based on a story by Philip K. Dick is too good to turn down. It would also be a break from fairy tales before Snow Queen hits, so that would be nice.

So what’s the story? Does anyone know?

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