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A Model Day At EPCOT – New Tilt-Shift Video!

After the surprising success of their first tilt-shifted video of the Magic Kingdom, the official Disney Parks blog is back with a similar tribute to EPCOT. And it’s gorgeous. And there are FriendShips! Watch, then talk:

Applause, applause! Isn’t that awesome? If you were to look inside my subconscious, I think this is pretty much what you’d see. Except it would be 1989, and Future World would still be cool. But regardless – wow!

I really love that it starts with the raising of the China Bridge and the FriendShips coming from the marina. For those who don’t know, when I did the College Program back in the day I was a FriendShip pilot, and I well remember bringing the boats out onto the empty lagoon on a misty Florida morning.

The coverage of World Showcase is wonderful, and really does make everything look like immaculate miniatures. The vistas with the shadows and wind moving across the lagoon are striking.

One frequent gripe about the Magic Kingdom video was that they skipped the fireworks at the end. The Disney folks listened to this complaint and made sure to get Illuminations in there – and it looks fantastic.

Well done, official Disney blog. I salute you.

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5 comments to A Model Day At EPCOT – New Tilt-Shift Video!

  • android.dreamer

    I like how the humans look like toy figurines.

  • Goggles

    I like the Wizard of Oz. I like the Tin Man.

  • philphoggs

    Big thanks to Disney for adding EPCOT to the format. There seems to be some World Showcase domination, but that’s strictly opinion, it doesn’t take away from any enjoyment. Is that the moon fading away from Spaceship Earth at the beginning? Good touch. I also like the simple ending with a little fun surprise.

  • Yeah, these videos are pure class. I think that is the moon, which is a cool touch. I also love the lights fading up on Spaceship Earth at sunset. I did notice the World Showcase domination, but I think it’s probably the most photogenic these days. A shot of the dinos in UoE would have been neat, but probably difficult to get.

  • Yes the video is cool, and I particularly like the way the Friendships look too, but I’m a big fan of them myself having done a few blog post of my own on the Friendships even going to the level of identifying the Friendship numbers by their colors:

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