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Happy Thanksgiving!

Alice in Wonderland Thanksgiving cover for Eyes & Ears, 1981Cover of Eyes & Ears of Walt Disney World, Thanksgiving 1981

We here at Progress City would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone’s having a peaceful and relaxing holiday, and your dinner gatherings don’t have the odd and slightly upsetting undertones as Thanksgiving in Wonderland.

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1 comment to Happy Thanksgiving!

  • And in case you were wondering what I’m thankful for, a great deal of it includes all y’all – I’m constantly shocked, amazed, and grateful that anyone has any interest in reading what I have to say. Thanks to EVERYONE who reads, and I invite those of you who don’t often comment to chip in anytime with comments, criticism, or suggestions.

    I’m also thankful for everyone toiling away at WDAS and WDI to bring us wonderful things, especially those who have kept at it through many years of trials and tribulations, hoping against hope to sneak something of worth past the phalanx of executives and meddlers.

    Endless thanks to everyone associated with Disney who has been kind enough to speak to or correspond with me. You guys are the greatest.

    And thanks also go to all the other Disney writers and bloggers who provide a constant stream of new and fascinating information and scholarship that opens my eyes to things I never knew and also constantly light a fire under me to do better. Shoutouts to Foxx, Mike Lee, Martin Smith, Didier Ghez, Alain Littaye, Sam Gennawey, “Another Voice”, Jeff Pepper, George Taylor, Ryan Wilson, EPCOT Central, and oh so many more. You guys are super geniuses. Same goes for the “official” Disney scholars, like Jeff Kurtti and Jason Surrell, and Randy Thornton. And even more thanks to the Disney networking sites which help to bring people together (and drive so much traffic to me!) – DisMarks and Disney Report, thanks a million.

    So that’s what I’m thankful for in the Dis-o-sphere. And School Bread. Always School Bread.

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