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Oh Noes!! Pplz Iz Smrter Than Me!!1!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an official roundup of notable links and stories from around the web. This is mostly due to the fact that I can now easily post links of note in Ye Olde Twitter Feed, but also due to my general tonal A.D.D. as I constantly drift the blog from one field of interest to another. But there are a couple of nifty things that I wanted to point out tonight.

First is the latest post by Foxx at Passport to Dreams, which examines the textures and colors of Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. Rigorous exegesis, indeed! I’ve drifted from the theme parks lately because when I’m too busy elsewhere I get neurotic that my story research is getting too cursory, but Foxx is totally who I want to be when I grow up. Now I just want high-res pictures of Adventureland tile for backgrounds and desktops!

Judging by the number of times I see other sites link to its stories, you’re probably already aware of Sam Gennawey’s SamLand blog. If not, you should subscribe to its RSS feed immediately. Sam’s blog is probably the most exciting original-content site to open in the time since I started Progress City. Some of his stories of choice include an excellent multi-part series on WESTCOT and the early plans for the Anaheim resort, which I endorse despite the fact that I’m totally bitter that he scooped my years-long attempt to get a copy of the Anaheim expansion proposal. But whatever!

I wanted to mention another story because it has perhaps the most amusing high-concept of any Disney blog post I’ve seen. Sam is an urban planner, which of course is a subject near and dear to those of us at the Progress City Council. With that in mind, he wrote a two-part analysis of Disneyland’s Toontown from a planning perspective. If you ever wondered what the zoning makeup of Toontown might be – and frankly, who hasn’t? – check it out.

Ok, geez. Peer pressure now. What am I going to write about…

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3 comments to Oh Noes!! Pplz Iz Smrter Than Me!!1!

  • android.dreamer

    hmm…what else to write about. Well, I like the constructive aspects of the parks. With the price of custom animatronics ranging from $500 to $20,000, it is possible for a millionaire or a group of people’s life work to create a successful dark ride. With the popularity of games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and total re-creations of WDW rides and parks, you could clearly see how Disney really missed the mark when making Virtual WDW. Check out the virtual WRE someone made: We can already ride our design for a virtual rollercoaster at Epcot, when can I ride through my whole dream park?
    When can WDW make all my dreams come true? I think when we (or atleast me) obsess over all the imagineering, history, design, and events going on at Disney Parks, we really want to see the next thing that will bring us to the next level of fantasy. When we read about all the neverworlds, it really wows us to the possibility of what could have happened. Keep bringing us those magical moments!

    But the one question I really, really want answered is what is the history behind the turkey legs??? I searched the nets and Disney blogs with little to no success other than they were popular. Someone must have decided to sell them in the park that way. It is surely odd!

  • android.dreamer

    Oh, I forgot Part 2 of that video. The second part of the inside is much better.

  • Sam

    Thank you for the kind comments. Personally, the Toontown Transect was one of my favorite observations. It drives my non-Disney design buddies crazy because they don’t want to admit just how ingenious the Imagineers can be when they put thier minds to it. I appreciate the plug. Foxx has definatley gone somewhere I would love to go, very William H Whyte. Good stuff.

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