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Curse Me Kilts! Happy Birthday, Alan!

Scrooge McDuck and Alan Young

This might seem totally random, but stick with me. Today is actor Alan Young’s birthday, and while most notices will probably dwell upon his best-known turn in the 1960s television classic Mr. Ed, Disney fans who might not know him by sight will definitely know him by sound.

After a long career in film and television, Young began a second career as a voice actor. His most iconic voice role, and the reason we bring all this up, is that of Scrooge McDuck beginning with Mickey’s Christmas Carol in 1983. He continued voicing Scrooge through the run of the DuckTales animated series and into the present day.

Young’s Scottish brogue, used for Scrooge as well as his character Filby in George Pal’s fantastic 1960 version of The Time Machine, might leave fans assuming Young is merely a great voice artist. While that’s undoubtedly true, it’s not in the way fans of Mr. Ed‘s all-American Wilbur Post might expect. It turns out, and I didn’t realize this until today, that Young was born in northern England and raised in Scotland. So it turns out that Alan has more in common with the world’s richest duck than most would expect.

And so it is that we’re wishing Alan Young a very happy birthday as well. It’s a fascinating coincedence that I wind up sending birthday greetings to both the designer of my favorite Disney attraction and the voice of my favorite Disney character in the same evening. What better way to celebrate than a dip in the Money Bin?

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  • android.dreamer

    Ducktales was awesome! I loved that show!

  • Tracy Fraley

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