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The Mouse turned eighty-one today, by the Disney company’s reckoning that sets his birthday at November 18th, 1928. Mickey’s so ubiquitous in our culture that it’s hard to imagine a time when nobody knew his name, but with this as in many things it’s fun to look at the calm before the storm – when the momentous things to come were mere sails on the horizon:

Steamboat Mickey blurb from the Washington Post, January 1929From The Washington Post, January 6th, 1929

Happy birthday, Mick.

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3 comments to Eighty-One.

  • Turns out, BTW, that while she’s slightly less known that Mickey, Colleen Moore was a pretty big deal. Read the trivia section. Pretty wild.

    My favorite picks from her filmography: Why Be Good?, Synthetic Sin, Naughty But Nice, Twinkletoes, Slippy McGee (!), His Nibs, Her Bridal Night-Mare, The Egg Crate Wallop, The Busher, A Hoosier Romance, and, of course, Flaming Youth. And Oh, Kay! just because I’m not exactly sure how a silent adaptation of a Gershwin musical would work.

  • android.dreamer

    In a parallel universe, we would be celebrating Oswald the Rabbit’s birthday.

  • philphoggs

    Ub and Walt, I’m sure they were proud and would still be. Walt said that he and Mickey were inseparably intertwined, and thats the way I see it too. Not a clown, not a superhero, but an honest Joe whose determination and persistence payed off. I guess that’s why at the risk of being stiff I fret over incarnations of Mickey with any thing less. A oft heard quote ” Mickey would never do that “.
    But maybe Oswald would……

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