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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the corruptible mortals here at Progress City. Why not look at some links from Halloweens past, or just pay a visit to the greatest haunted house of all? This video tour of the Haunted Mansion, which can be downloaded here, is the greatest fan video of the attraction I’ve seen, and its fantastic stereo audio calls for your best speakers or headphones. So as you get back from your trick-or-treating, why not turn down your lights, turn up your sound system, and enjoy all 999 happy haunts… it’s the next best thing to being there!

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3 comments to Happy Halloween!

  • android.dreamer

    It is great to see a good POV ride video. I screen some for people who I may travel with to the park, testing to see if they want to go on it or not. With dark rides, most don’t want to go on it because with the audio, they have trouble figuring out what is going on. I don’t know why the theme parks don’t come out with an official one? I mean, I can already walk through Universal Studios in Google maps street view and can go on a virtual tour of WDW in Google Earth
    I haven’t mustered up the courage to sneak in a good HD camera and audio equipment into the parks, especially since they could easily get damaged. Hopefully as HD tech becomes more portable, maybe in cell phones, it will get better. But by that time, we might be demanding why the POV video isn’t in 3D.

  • philphoggs

    Ears in stereo eyes a zoom,
    you’ve made this place a buggy of doom…
    thanks, the Vid is the best I’ve seen. But android.dreamer is right, next year we’ll be demanding 3D.

  • Creeparella

    Best Haunted Mansion Tribute Ever. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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