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Siemens To Sponsor Space Mountain?

I’m not tellin’, I’m askin’. Does anyone know anything?

And yes, I’m working on some actual substantive posts for the weekend…

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3 comments to Siemens To Sponsor Space Mountain?

  • android.dreamer

    They are sponsoring Spaceship Earth already. I don’t think I’ve heard of a company sponsoring more than one ride?

  • Oh it’s happened… G.E. springs to mind, as they sponsored the Carousel of Progress, Horizons, and Illuminations. Heck, Siemens sponsors Spaceship Earth and Illuminations now. There are a lot of instances of large companies sponsoring several food or retail locations under their different subsidiary brands.

    But, like I said, I ain’t tellin’ but I’m askin’. :)

  • philphoggs

    Can we get Sie men to sponsor another 20K? There goes your chance of any serious reply from Disney..

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