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Oh Disney People,

Why do you look but never speak? I’m ever so pleasant, and need your wisdom to set me straight.

Call me, k? KTHX LOL

Pizza and fairytales,

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5 comments to Oh Disney People,

  • android.dreamer

    Are you talking about Disney employees or Disney fans that read the blog?

  • If you check out his tags, I think he’s talking about the great Imagineers (e.g. Tony Baxter) that read his blog but never comment. Though, I suppose if I was an Imagineer I wouldn’t be commenting on any Disney fan blogs, no matter how right, wrong, or cool they were… but to accurately test this theory, I think Disney should hire me as Imagineer immediately. :)

  • Hehe.

    I will say that I’m pretty sure Tony has much better things to do than read my ramblings – of that I’m confident.

    As for plain ‘ol Disney fans, I’m very happy with all my commenters and the myriad of thoughtful contributions lately…

  • Also will add that I expect no one from certain domains to comment publicly. Just that they will email me and tell me stories and we’ll be BFFs 4evr and go shopping and braid each others’ hair.

    That’s all.

  • AJ

    Not smart enough to understand this interchange, but laughing anyway.

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