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A Day In The Life

This is turning to home movies day here at Progress City, but this was too cool not to share. This actually comes from the Disney Parks Blog, which is a hopeful sign that even if we don’t get the inside poop on Handwiches ™ we might at the very least get some nice media and images from them:

Ok, so maybe the “Disney Parks” branding sticks in my throat a little (or a lot), but is’s a really nice piece of work. I’m tempted to be ever-so-bitchy and say that it’s good to see a Disney-created video with shots lasting longer than seven picoseconds but I’ll play nice and just applaud a job well done. More, please!

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3 comments to A Day In The Life

  • Another Voice

    This is wonderful. For the first time in a long, long, long while – Disney has made something for the parks that’s just fun for the sake of being fun. Everything else Disney has done recently, from the horrible ‘Top 10 Things’ inroom video at WDW through to the Christmas parade specials all the way to the those Travel Channel commerical shows are driven by such a hard sell that I feel like buying a OxyClean afterwards.

    Disney needs to rediscover that the parks can sell themselves. People yearn for beauty and imagination, not discount and free ticket gimmicks.

  • This is what Disney marketing should be. I like it.

  • philphoggs

    OK guys, cool thats a wrap.. uh, where we sleeping tonight? Phooey, it’s looks like the Exposition Hall.

    Great Vid though.

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