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Dixie Landings Tales: Building Bridges

When last we met around the metaphorical campfire, we learned the history of Dixie Landings’ Ol’ Man Island. But if residents of Dixie Landings were going to be able to access the hidden swimmin’ hole, they needed a safe way to reach the isolated island. Thus we’re reintroduced to Colonel J.C. (Hidden religious allegory? You decide!*) who, along with businessman Buford Honeyworth (more on him later), organized the construction of a series of bridges for the community. Yes, I get excited about infrastructure legislation even if it’s fictional.

So the next time you’re stumbling groggily to the Colonel’s Cotton Mill for your breakfast pizza, you’ll know that the bridge you’re crossing is more than a century old!

Article from the 1995 Sassagoula Times

* The answer is no. This was only a joke.

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