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Uh-Oh… Competition!

This should be interesting…

Welcome to the blogosphere, Disney. The internet is a wild and unscripted place, so it’ll be interesting to see how it and official Disney communications get along. Maybe we’ll take over and have Horizons 2.0 up and running by 2012.

Now how about a link??

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6 comments to Uh-Oh… Competition!

  • philphoggs

    Well I wouldn’t worry about closing your doors too soon. It looks great and all, but it’ll have its limitations. A greater step than Otto the omnipotent is an official blog actually reacting to comments posted there. I wonder what Beacon Joe thinks of all this, and bleep it, what about Moochie anyway?

  • Another Voice

    I guess with titles like “Director of Social Media” and “Manager, Print and Social Media Disneyland Resort” we’re likely to get the deep, inside, insightful and honest story about the real happenings at Disney.

    These people – and their blog – couldn’t be more “suit” if you propped them up in the windows of Men’s Warehouse.

  • HAHA yeah really! I sincerely doubt that the official blog will do the due diligence required for proper Moochie approval. And there’s yet to be even a single mention of the Handwich ™ – do they have their finger on the pulse of fandom? I think not!

    AV your post made me LOL. I thought much the same thing. I’m interested to see how they keep it going when due to their position they can’t admit to certain realities or dig deep enough on certain stories. Then again, there are a lot of fan blogs that might as well be there just for the sole reason of reprinting press releases…

    Then again, if they start giving us regular doses of unseen EPCOT concept art they can be as official as they want to be…

  • Another Voice

    “Dear Official Disney Blog, can you please tell us about the Handwich?”

    “Thank you for your magical© wish©! Our Guest Surveys© indicate that you don’t really want to know about the «no product by that name has been formally announced at this time», instead you really want to read all about how the Jonas Brothers® enjoyed ‘Stitch’s© Supersonic Celebration®’ now being presented at the Magic Kingdom Park®, A Magical© part of the Walt Disney World Resort®- The Place Where Dreams© Come True®”.

    Yea, that’s going to work out well.

    The official blog will do alright the “lifestyle brand” fans – the ones who feel “magical” at the Pop Century resort just because it’s on Disney property. But the true fans – the people that understand and appreciate the artistry and craft of Disney productions – will probably end up laughing at the corporate posturing and marketing. Too many know too much for them to serve the corporate Kool-Aid beyond the world of Annual Passholders and DVC owners.

  • philphoggs

    Now comon, we all know Buzz Lightyear approves of the Handwich. Stitch, well that’s another story.

  • But how the kiddies will laff when they add in the Handwich ™ burp effect! See? Fun for all the family!

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