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Riding the Monorail to EPCOT, 1984

I love the internet. Sure, there are always interesting stories and facts coming to light, but every now and again you see something you never, ever thought you’d see. Or see again, that is.

From YouTube comes this amazing video; it’s a trip from the TTC to EPCOT in the driver’s cabin of a Mark IV monorail. In 1984. How much do I wish I’d had a video camera in 1984? A lot, that’s how much.

This video is incredible. It captures so much of what made this era great; the newness of everything, the Jack Wagner narration on the monorail, even the awesomely ridiculous orange carpeting of the monorail cockpit seats. This is the EPCOT of legend – the powerhouse lineup of Universe of Energy, Horizons, and World of Motion in Future World east, and Journey into Imagination still holding down the fort on the west side. Oh, to be able to return to that world. Sadly, the video cuts off before we get to see the construction site of The Living Seas.

This recaptures so much of what seized my imagination as a kid; those hazy Floridian mornings, the quick and convenient monorail or boat ride to a theme park, and the promise of amazing new things to come. The peppy yet authoritative voice of Jack Wagner deserves a second mention for somehow managing to set the perfect mood for those exciting morning trips to the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT Center. Disney didn’t try to be exciting – it just was. Enjoy the video – it’s a rare treat!

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5 comments to Riding the Monorail to EPCOT, 1984

  • philphoggs

    Now that was cool, so right about the Jack Wagner spiel. Just saying thanks for bringing the vid to light.

  • philphoggs

    Eyaahh! Has anyone took the advice of the YouTube poster suggesting viewing the similar ride in “2006”? $5 to anyone that can make it past the insufferable dome of the wand.

  • Good point.

    Then again, it could have just been the awesome plexiglass fountain in front of Spaceship Earth…

  • Right, Michael, but I felt like the 80s in general seemed to hold a lot of promise… but maybe it was just because I was a kid.

  • Less gravestones! More plexiglass fountains! The lame-o purple tin / airplane cable rig that was over the Innoventions exterior courtyard with the swirling fiber optics which I can safely and understandably call the “save points” is down and Communicore is looking good for now.. now let’s ditch the whole courtyard and go in for a lake, like there used to be there!

    I didn’t expect that video to go into “We Shall Never Forget 9/11″ aesthetic there at the end. Still, a great find. I’ve both never adjusted to the absence of and am no longer used to seeing Horizons, so I kinda jumped when the monorail turned that corner…

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