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Maps! Euro Disneyland Paris, 1994

Map of Euro Disneyland Paris, 1994Euro Disneyland Paris, 1994

This isn’t an official park map; it’s from a booklet that Disney distributed at Walt Disney World to promote the Euro Disney Resort to American guests. It shows the park as it was in 1994, which is remarkably similar to how it is today. There were still some small attractions to be added as park of the capacity expansion program that occurred during the 1990s, but a lot of the major attractions intended for future expansions have yet to appear. One major missing element is Space Mountain, which would be added the next year and which would be credited with pulling the resort out of its financial doldrums.

I was actually saving this image at first for a story I was planning about how the poor Tomorrowlands have always received short shrift in every new Disney park since Disneyland’s 1955 opening. In any early map of any Disney park, Tomorrowland just looks so sad and pathetic. Look!

Euro Disneyland's Tomorrowland, 1994So many trees!

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