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Maps! EPCOT Center, 1989

EPCOT Center guidemap, 1989EPCOT Center, 1989

This one’s for Hoot Gibson.

Is there really anything I can say? Horizons. Motion. Imagination. Seas. Kitchen Kabaret. Radok screens. Cronkite.

Where’d I put the time machine…

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12 comments to Maps! EPCOT Center, 1989

  • Awesome! Thanks for posting this! International Gateway wasn’t even open yet. And to see Communicore instead of Innoventions is definitely a blast from my past. And I definitely miss the old entrance fountain ixnay on the L.A.L. Monoliths that now block a clear view when you enter.

  • In the storied history of EPCOT Center, or Epcot if you like, there is no better year than 1989. You have a completed, or at least current, World Showcase and an original Future World. Really, no words are needed.

  • Absolutely – EPCOT at its most sublime. And yes to Communicore, and the wonderful fountain. If only that would come back. Also the landscaping and ponds in Future World Plaza. And – I can’t believe I left this out – Worldkey.

  • Brian

    Living Seas.
    Kitchen Kabaret.
    El Rio Del Tiempo. (Yes, I didn’t forget that one.)

    entire list: gone.

    did I mention HORIZONS?

    granted, it has been 20 years, but still – world showcase escaped largely unharmed.

  • Aaaaaaack – how could I forget El Rio? Then again, I considered not commenting at all because it’s ALL so different. And we know the list of the hallowed and gone, each and every one important in the big picture.


  • WC

    “Journey with us now to the dawn of recorded time…”

    World of Motion…sniff
    Horizons…sniff (wait is that oranges I smell?)
    Imagination…sniff (before Disney’s dreaded “Institute” phase)
    and the ODYSSEY for goodness sakes. The name itself speaks volumes. Need a whole post on its saga!
    The Communicores…sniff..(pre-clutter between them)
    The wonderful peaceful fountain with its colors (pre Leave a Legacy megaliths)


  • I remember having a copy of that map…until the photo album it was in collapsed and the pages seperated. Well, at least I still have a vhs copy of the home video.

  • Thanks for posting this, it really brings back some memories! My grandfather took me to EPCOT in June ’89, when I was 10. It was great; we did everything, even the films in World Showcase. We waited almost an hour for Body Wars, and it was worth every minute! Horizons, Journey Into Imagination, and World of Motion were awesome as always, and it was the last time I ever got to ride the Seacabs. My grandfather is very sick these days and isn’t expected to live much longer, and that EPCOT trip is one of my fondest memories with him.

  • Wow, park maps have really come a long way!

  • Mike Fish

    I’m not home in Florida right now, and won’t be for a while, but one day, when I get back there, and open up my storage unit, I’ll dig out some parks maps 1990-ish, give or take a year, and send one to each of ya(I’ve got stacks)!

  • philphoggs

    And Mike F, don’t forget to throw in the time machine!

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