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Your Virtual Disney Resort: Wilderness Lodge Snacks, 1994

Staying at the Wilderness Lodge in 1994, and feeling a bit peckish? Well just take the paper bag you’ll find in your room and head down to Miss Jenny’s for some provisions! Or, even better, have a basket of goodies brought up to your room!

Miss Jenny's menu, Wilderness Lodge, 1994

Mmm! Who wants muffins??

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4 comments to Your Virtual Disney Resort: Wilderness Lodge Snacks, 1994

  • I’m assuming it no longer exists?

  • Actually, I’ve no idea, as I haven’t stayed at the Lodge in years. I think Miss Jenny’s is still there, but I don’t know how elaborate it is or if they put these bags in the room anymore. I was just scanning in some old ephemera last night and found this amusing for some reason. I love when Disney does the old-west “folksy” printing – all the stuff at Fort Wilderness, and the old menus at the Whispering Canyon… I don’t know, for some reason I think it’s one of the themes that Disney does best.

  • Another Voice

    It’s still there, but it’s been redone as a “quick serve” location with all the grace of a gas station’s Quickie Mart. There was a time when each resort had its own unique touches like this bag…even the little shampoo and soaps were themed to each resort. Of course, that was also back in the day when each resort didn’t need “Disney’s” slapped on front of the name just so the guests wouldn’t mistake the All Star Resorts for a Motel 8.

  • A good point. It’s hard to remember now that there was an era before the “Disney’s Disney Disney” effect. The unique amenities and shopping experiences at each resort used to create a certain atmosphere; you’re right that now everything is very homogenized and Quickie Mart.

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