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SDCC 2009 – Day Three

There wasn’t as much Disney-related content today at SDCC, although there have been a few interviews from yesterday to trickle out. The only really big Disney event was the Lost panel; more on that to follow. First, let me ram TRON: Legacy into your brain one more time, with some more pictures from io9 and this:

Following up on the events of yesterday, you can find pictures of the panels at the Disney/Pixar photo page. Slashfilm has two interviews with Pixar personnel; first, Lee Unkrich talks about how he was developing his own project when Disney purchased Pixar and he was picked to direct Toy Story 3, how Pixar wanted to know as little as possible about the previous version of TS3 that was in development at Disney under Eisner, Pixar’s philosophy towards sequels (blaming the public’s negative opinion of sequels on other studios’ assembly-line mentality), the decision to begin the film with Andy’s departure for college and the implications thereof, and how they decided to bring Ken and Barbie into the film. In John Lasseter’s interview, the Pixar chief talks about the move to 3-D, villains in Pixar films, converting Beauty and the Beast and other Disney classics into 3-D, his early-80s work on Where The Wild Things Are, and the upcoming changes to California Adventure.

At Latino Review, there’s an interview with TRON: Legacy director Joe Kosinski and producer Sean Bailey. They mention something that’s strangely been missing from coverage so far – the role of the actual Tron character in the film. They speak about Bruce Boxleitner’s role, how the computer world they show has evolved since the original film, and what kind of lightcycles to expect!

Then there was the Lost panel. The viral ARG for the season has already begun, and several viral trailers shown at the panel hint that the upcoming season takes place in an alternate reality than the one we’ve come to know in the series so far. The panel itself sounds to have been fairly wacky; cast members Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson stood in line to ask the show’s writers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof what, exactly, was happening in the convoluted plot of the show. Cast member Josh Holloway raided the stage to steal a lockbox from Cuse and Lindelof which allegedly contained the final scene of the show’s finale; sadly, he found that it just held the final scene from Heroes instead.

Cuse and Lindelof also revealed that the show’s time-traveling flash-forwards will not be a part of the next season; they also announced that cast members Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell will return (double yay). The big surprise at the end was when Dominic Monaghan took the stage – apparently Charlie will, in fact, return in some form.

UPDATE: io9 reports that Ian Somerhalder (Boone) will return as well. Now just call up Mr. Eko and we’ll have a party!

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