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Shiny Kingdom, Sad EPCOT

A couple of very brief updates to round out the evening. There was something I had to share, and then I saw something else that I probably shouldn’t.

First, Foxx posted an interesting summary of some of the visual plussing that’s been going on at the Magic Kingdom. I give the management there a hard time, but whoever is responsible for these new layers of unheralded theming deserves great praise. It’s all about the little things – Foxx mentions the creation of new, well-themed signage, which is great because on my last trip I noticed the incredibly shabby magnetic signs from the Diamond Horseshoe that she mentions. A heightened level of texture is what makes the Kingdom great, and it’s inspiring to see it come back. Hopefully it’ll creep northward and into the east side of the park.

The second thing I must post, because it made me laugh with a magnitude I’m embarrassed to admit, is the following video. Aside from saying that I’m afraid Foxx will kill me for associating this with her great posting, I also suppose I should warn you that it contains profanity (in subtitle form). Seriously. I’m warning you. Don’t blame me if you click on the button:

Sure, he might be the 20th century’s greatest monster… but he knows his EPCOT!

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6 comments to Shiny Kingdom, Sad EPCOT

  • Another Voice

    This is a good one. Should I be concerned about how much I can sound like that when I talk about EPCOT?

    Anyway, the original version of this video was made last year at Universal Studios, right after the fire that took out a lot of the back lot. It made its round through the various Hollywood grapevines and is now on YouTube. It expresses similar feelings towards USH’s lackluster performance over the years:

  • I had that same thought – I’m a little sheepish about how much that resembles my internal monologue sometimes (maybe if it were FDR instead of Hitler I’d feel better?) When I started the blog I had to decide that it just wasn’t going to be a series of rants like that… now matter how good that might have felt. And it’s hard sometimes :)

    The thing that makes it *really* funny is that the person obviously knows EPCOT well and hits all the perfect notes.

    I had no idea that this was a meme – turns out there are like a billon of thses on YouTube. Oh, the internet. That USH one is priceless though – I’ve never even been to the park but it still rings so true. I loved the part about the useless and skewed guest surveys haha…

  • philphoggs

    Woo Hoo My oh my oh my Michael you are doing your job, don’t worry about the R rating ~ haven’t laughed that much since the goiter clip! I despise hitler and wouldn’t feed him scrapings off a jackboot, but what paradox humor of his own twisted Epcot dream. I just kept thinking, man this is probably just how people see us! The dazed over planning look, and then the line “the one thing I’ve been waiting for -blank- years” (is gone!) Classic.

  • Haha yeah – I know that glazed look myself…

  • Empress Lilly

    Oh My God!

    Awesome! I wet myself laughing. It is just so spot on!

  • I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Hitler!

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