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Bad Toy Story Fan Art

Through his Twitter feed, Pixar director Lee Unkrich recently held a contest to find the “most annoying, awful piece of Toy Story fan art.” Sadly, I did not win. But it did give me a chance to embrace two of my favorite pasttimes: scribbling vaguely psychotic drawings, and acting like a total idiot. Gaze upon my artistry, ye mighties, and despair:

Bad Toy Story Fan Art #1Buzz, Woody and Shrek Visit Disney’s California Adventure for the Purpose of Voting for Proposition 8
Bad Toy Story Fan Art #2In Which Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Sheriff travel to Graceland as painted by Thomas Kinkade
Bad Toy Story Fan Art #3There’s a Snake in Woody’s Boot (with Concurral by Buzz Lightyear; feat. G1 Optimus Prime as Buzz Lightyear)

And then, I decided to try and be slightly more disturbing:

Bad Toy Story Fan Art #4Proposed Poster for the forthcoming release Toy Story 3
Bad Toy Story Fan Art #5Untitled Fabric Sculpture #5

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2 comments to Bad Toy Story Fan Art

  • I just have to express my extreme disappointment that my readership is apparently full of such uncultured heathens that they don’t realize visionary art when they see it. I really expected more. Tsk, I say!

  • Craig Cormier

    These are awesome. The snake in my boot picture looks more like an Ood in my Boot… Well done.

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