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A Visit To EPCOT Center, 1980

Rendering of EPCOT Center, 1980Rendering of EPCOT Center, 1980 (Click to Enlarge)

Things have changed a bit since our last visit to early EPCOT; the park is now looking a lot more like the version we later would come to love. Horizons has arrived, but it’s still known as Future Probe. Spaceship Earth and Communicore have lost their golden glow, and Communicore is shown with a few additions that were never constructed (its southeast corner, most noticeably). The most visible difference in Future World, though, is the giant dome over The Living Seas. This pavilion was still in its conceptual stage due to its lack of a sponsor, and would be downsized considerably before its 1986 opening.

It’s hard to tell much about World Showcase due to the small size of the original rendering, but it looks to be in pretty much its final form. The major difference here is Equatorial Africa, which was still planned for its space between China and Germany. It also looks like the large Victorian Music Hall is still depicted behind the United Kingdom.

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