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The Embarrassing Yearbook Photo, Disney Style

From the July 15th, 1977 issue of Eyes and Ears of Walt Disney World:

Al Weiss, 1977Voted “Most Likely to Downsize”


Congratulations to Finance Division’s Al Weiss, whose skill at “juggling” figures paid off with his juggling a table tennis ball to reign supreme at Walt Disney World in the Singles Table Tennis Advanced Division, winning champion honors by downing Finance Division’s Jim Morris 16-21, 21-19, 21-15 and 21-14.

And that day at the ping-pong table, Weiss knew he was destined for greatness.

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7 comments to The Embarrassing Yearbook Photo, Disney Style

  • P.S. Those pants are awesome

  • philphoggs

    Can we be sure those aren’t shorts ala Spongebob?

  • Great piece of history here.

  • Ally

    OMG!!!! Look at those pants! And that hair! Wow, that IS embarrassing! Hahaha! I wonder what Al Weiss would say now if he saw that picture of him again, hahaha! Oh, that is priceless!!! Hmmm…And i was wondering about that hair from his recent Disney photo! haha, lol! Just kidding! But really, that is funny. Great photo, hahaha!


  • Now, now… we all have photos in our past better left unseen :)

    That being said, he should totally wear those pants to D23.

  • Ally

    Yeah, but not all of our photos look that embarrassing!!! It’s either that or we HIDE or BURN our photo well so the rest of the world doesn’t have to see it! lol!! Just kidding!

    On all seriousness, at least it’s nice to know that the person I will be working for in the comming summer used to look like that, so at least he really does have proof he did start it off young.

    But still… if you know Al, you should SO totally ask Al to wear those pants to D23!!! Idk if he’s do it, but if he does laugh at this photo, at least I’ll know one of my bosses isn’t a very uptight person!! hahahaha!!! But then I understand, this WAS the style back then wasn’t it? lol! No offence, but THANK YOU GOD that this isn’t the style anymore, lol!

  • Alicia

    Oh okay, so this is what he used to look like back in the day. Gotta love those embarrassing yearbook photos! lol.

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