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My Birthday Wish For Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios hatSTOP THE MADNESS!!

It’s no secret that I think that the Hollywood Studios (née the Disney-MGM Studios) is in pretty dire straits – that it needs far more money and attention than the other Florida parks to get it up to code. Large swaths of the park need to be completely demolished and rebuilt along a different plan if they’re to meet the current needs of the park and escape the outmoded infrastructure of its working-studio past.

Most of all, the Hat has got to go.

Good news on this front – the Orlando Attractions Magazine has reported on the Imagineering presentation at today’s 20th anniversary celebration, and it seems that certain key Imagineers are just as fond of the Hat as many – if not most – Disney fans. That is to say, they hate it too. Bob Weis in particular seems to have ragged on the accursed Hat a couple of times, with an assist from Eric Jacobson. Tom Fitzgerald was there too, but was probably keeping the lid on his secret plan to replace the Hat and all of Hollywood Boulevard with a giant projection screen and some visible HVAC ductwork.

My proposal: have a hard-ticketed event, with tickets at $250 a pop. Keep the park open all night. Guests get a Disney-branded hardhat and crowbar, and get to tear the abomination down. They could auction off the first whack on eBay. Just sayin.

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3 comments to My Birthday Wish For Hollywood Studios

  • Hun, you’re too late, I came up with that idea years ago to get rid of the wand. =P Right down to selling the first whack on eBay. Except mine included a blank pin you could superglue some of the debris to…

  • philphoggs

    Ok then, how about a road trip to Anahiem, and we just leave this thing burning on the doorstep after ringing the bell. Our luck we would then wake up to a California Adventure the next morning. All in good fun folks, hope no one takes me seriously.

  • Foxx: That’s genius. Other options could include wreckage snowglobes. As long as it was *magical*.

    Phil: Don’t let them in on our plan – we strike at midnight!

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