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Personal Experience Portal?

An important addendum to the below article about the rumors surrounding the remodeling of Florida’s Fantasyland and Imagineering’s new technology initiative.

I have further reason to believe that WDI is indeed working on something involving the “NextGen” (or “NGE”) technology called the “Personal Experience Portal.” I don’t have any information on what the portal, or “PEP”, would actually entail, but if it meshes with previous reports it might possibly relate to the interface by which guests could enter their personal information before their trip. The information would be embedded on their RFID tags and allow various interactions in the park. This is merely speculation, though.

Another question about the RFID technology was how it would be implemented – it was widely assumed that the RFID chips would be implanted into guest passes. It appears, though, that the program could use wristbands, possibly called “X-Bands”, to contain guest information. Disney has used wristbands before for Extra Magic Hours, but I’m surprised that they’d use them for this program – it seems rather unwieldy. Then again, this is all based on the faintest rumors so we don’t really know how it will all come together.

Remember – this is all speculation based on hints, but it’s interesting enough that I thought I’d share. One thing is certain, and it’s that Disney is working on something. For those of you viewing from Orlando or Burbank… you can click below to email me…

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