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Your Programming Guide – Friday, 4/10/2009

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo“You know what they say Douglas – they never come back!”

Turner Classic Movies, that paragon of movie networks, continues its role as Disney Channel-in-exile with tonight’s primetime lineup. The fun starts at 6:30 PM, with a showing of last year’s The Age of Believing: The Disney Live Action Classics. This original documentary features lots of faces from classic Disney live-action films, and while such a wide survey can never be as comprehensive as we would like it still features lots of interesting stories and rare interviews.

At 8 PM, TCM will air a trilogy of Herbie moviesThe Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. The Love Bug is the strongest of the group, but I’ve always thought Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo gets a bad rap. I loved it as a kid, at least. Herbie Rides Again suffers from a strange story and the lack of Dean Jones, and everyone benefits by the fact that they’re not showing the truly dire Herbie Goes Bananas. The schedule in full:

Dean Jones and Don Knotts in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

6:30 PM – The Age of Believing: The Disney Live Action Classics

8:00 PM – The Love Bug

10:00 PM – Herbie Rides Again

11:45 PM – Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Be there, aloha!

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