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Some New Horizons For You And For Me

Horizons FuturePort

I’ve been meaning to share a couple of nice links relating to my favorite Disney attraction of all time, Horizons. Since its unfortunate closure in 1999, fan love of Horizons has only grown in the online community. Even ten years later, people across the internet continue to try and document every minute detail of the pavilion. To wit:

Progress City reader Shane has created this awesome widget which simulates a fictional Horizons security camera console. If you ever start to get wistful for the attraction, this site helps give a rather strange and reassuring sense that it’s still down there waiting for you.

EPCOT Center's Horizons - Sea Castle menuWhat’s on the menu at Sea Castle?

Then there’s the Mesa Verde Times. Site lore is that the writers, “Hoot Gibson” and “CHIEF”, took a lot of trips on Horizons in its latter days and took that opportunity to hop out of the ride vehicles and take about a billion pictures of every possible aspect of the attraction. They certainly have the pictures to back it up, and they’re gunning for – what else – 1,983 posts. Join their magical mystery tour through Horizons – it’s certainly an interesting voyage – and see what it’s like to go slightly mad while haunting the backstage passageways of a beloved Disney attraction.

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