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Great Moments with Mr. Linkin’

I’ve just managed to get around to doing something that I’ve too long neglected – updating our links page. I’ve also put more links into the sidebar on your right – a small selection of sites that best provide a daily dose of Disney-related news, and another group of my very favorite sites. I picked the ones that not only provide the best content, but are somewhat regularly updated as well.

Looking at our site statistics, it seems that the links page often gets overlooked. So be sure and click through every once in a while – there might be a great page that you’ve missed!

I’m going to be working on some more back-of-house things for a little bit, so public updates might be scarce for a few days. Keep checking in, though!

UPDATE: Yay for people checking out the links! I hope you like what you find. Also note that I’ve added links to social bookmarking sites below each story. If you’re a member of any of these communities and find something on Progress City interesting enough to share, please do! You can also click to email stories to others. And one last thanks to everyone who has clicked on the ads – I hope that eventually they can help underwrite the cost of some more difficult-to-find research materials. Every click helps, obviously, so thanks to everyone out there who has helped out.

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