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A Pregnant Pause…

Sorry about going dark since Moochie Madness… I’ve been out of town and will continue to be mostly offline until Sunday. Regular posting will resume next week!

So, discuss amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Were Walt suddenly thawed out from his secret underground bunker, what one thing at Walt Disney World do you think he would most be excited about, and which one thing do you think he would like the least?

See you next week…

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2 comments to A Pregnant Pause…

  • “There’s a big exciting period ahead of us, and I say it’s TOY STORY MIDWAY MANIA COMING SOON FOR WII.”

    “You can dream design and build the most amazing place in the world, and a secret cryogenic crypt in which to sleep an immortal sleep until such time as my powers are again needed, but it takes people to make it a reality.”
    (Alternate Walt Disney Quotes No.s 116, 726C)

  • HA..

    My own answers were that he’d be excited about the backstage infrastructure and technology and probably the Animal Kingdom safari, and that while there are many, many things that he would be mad about the worst, probably, would be EPCOT. I love it to death, but compared to his dreams it was a cop-out to say the least. I don’t think he’d take kindly to that..

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