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Seven Years of… Ennui? Disney Studios Paris…

Disney Studios Paris - view of tarmacOh, dear.

It’s hard to believe, but the Walt Disney Studios park in Paris just celebrated its seventh anniversary. This disaster of a park, the most egregious product of former CEO Michael Eisner’s failed policies, marked the nadir of his tenure and in fact of all Disney parks. It’s bad. Really, really bad.

Ironically, I had been working on a piece about the park’s upcoming expansion over the last week or so without even realizing the park’s birthday was coming up. I had been looking for sad pictures of the park to illustrate its shortcomings – that wasn’t a difficult task. But today the DLRP Today! site really came through by posting a hilarious photo essay summarizing the first seven years of the Walt Disney Studios park. It pretty much says it all. My favorite caption: “When it felt like you’d walked into a museum of the world’s ugliest lampposts…”

Walt Disney Studios Paris, looking along tarmacNo, seriously. This is a guest area.

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