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The End of the Earth

Just sayin…

If you’re riding Spaceship Earth sometime soon… don’t be too surprised if you have something to look at on the way down besides your time machine’s LCD screen…

Just sayin…

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5 comments to The End of the Earth

  • hmm… replacing the end scenes with something finally? please don’t say it’s zenon, or something like that.

  • Mike Folf

    ^Who still remembers zenon, anayways?

  • ^ People who have kids. And apparently, Disney, since they keep making sequels.

    My initial comment was kind of joke, by the way, but actually it wouldn’t surprise me that much if they did something that bad, the way they tend to market old, stagnant brands (i.e. Kim Possible).

  • Or, people who watched too much Disney Channel in college (raises hand). Oh, the days of Vault Disney…

  • haha – yeah, my wife just informed me the other week that the girl who was the lead in those flicks is now on one of her soaps.

    by the way, tangaroa, just found a post of yours from sept 08 that describes what you might be talking about with this post, though, really looking forward to more details about it.

    [mmm-k…that’s the last comment].

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