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We’re Moving!

Houston airport WEDway station

For everyone with RSS subscriptions and links – Progress City is moving to a new URL at Please adjust your links and subscriptions accordingly!

UPDATE: OK, it looks like things worked. WordPress is so wacky, and both the old and new directories are both feeding off of the same database, but it looks like everything is managing to redirect to the new URL. If anyone finds anything missing, or find themselves stuck somewhere with the old URL, let me know. Otherwise, welcome to the future of the future!

UPDATE x2: For serious this time. Now not only does the site redirect but you can see all the pretty pictures too, which is kinda useful now and again. It’s all fixed and it only required me to learn SQL on a Sunday night. I am so smart…. SMRT… I mean, SMART… Anyway I wouldn’t clue my dear readers into behind-the-scenes drama save for the fact that I request constant vigilance against bugs – let me know if anything weird happens.

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