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Progress City Desktops – World Showcase, Part I

World Showcase Desktop Background

One of the first things I wanted to do when I started this site was to share some great Disney concept art that I’ve scanned and cleaned up over the years to make desktop backgrounds. Finally I seem to have gotten around to it. The first desktop I have for you is a piece of art that was created to promote World Showcase in 1982. It appeared in a brochure for EPCOT Center, in an era when Disney’s promotional materials were far more evocative and artistic than the garish, Photoshopped disasters they are today.

In any case, the artwork is reminiscent of all the wonderful conceptual work done for EPCOT Center at the time.

One caveat: Because I didn’t want to be ridiculous, I didn’t watermark or “brand” these backgrounds in any way. However, they did take me an absurdly long time to slap together, so if you share or redistribute them in any way please give a bit of credit and a link to your pals here at Progress City.

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