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But What About Science… Science… Science…

I smell sitcom!

I was digging through some of my files trying to get them in some type of order, when my eyes just happened to scan this passage from an old training manual for Countdown to Extinction (now known, rather moronically, as Dinosaur!). I thought it amusing enough to share. The next time you’re irritated with a Cast Member, just think of the things they must have cross their path in any given day.

****One Final Note****

Last year Epcot ® debuted Ellen’s Energy Adventure which took Guests on a history of Energy, from a time that scientists believe was contrived from the Big Bang Theory. As this was the cause of many Guest complaints, it is important to understand that we are only utilizing the belief to develop the show for an attraction. In no way was the Walt Disney Company making a stance against many religious beliefs, simply a more intense look at the science of energy, and the theories surrounding it.

Here in Dino Land, some Guests may take offense to the “science” of the Meteor theory, which caused so much destruction, once again placing science in front of religious beliefs. However, this is the story line for a fictitious attraction and in no way is Disney taking the stance that a Meteor is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, simply, Disney is taking the science and creating a story line from it. If a Guest becomes upset with the situation, and you are unable to assist them, notify a GSP before sending the Guest to Guest Relations.

The mind reels at the meeting of Disney legal and P.R. minds that led to the crafting of these two paragraphs.

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