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You remember Hooter, right?

Again we travel to 1986 via the magic of Progress City Public Access TV. This time we take a look at what’s new at Walt Disney World that year – note that it’s all at EPCOT Center. The clips are framed with the device of our noble hosts picking their favorite things at Walt Disney World; how strange that they happen to be the three newest attractions!

First Joan Lunden and spawn take us to The Living Seas, then Ben Vereen and pal Hooter drop in on Captain E.O. Finally Regis is there to show us his favorite attraction in Walt Disney World – the new World Showcase lagoon show Skyleidoscope. I really wonder how serious Regis was about his selection procedure. Skyleidoscope might be unfamiliar to more recent Disney fans, and is sure to make you say “wha?” In fact, looking at it now, it resembles a lower-tech version of a lagoon show from Tokyo DisneySea.

So soak up that 80s goodness courtesy of the 1986 Very Merry Christmas Parade:

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