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Mama Don’t Scrub Little Buford

Screamscape has pointed out that Walt Disney World’s website now lists the Country Bear Jamboree as scheduled for refurbishment from September 28th until October 31st. This is nothing but good news for fans of the bears, as the show has been a little – how shall we say it – rough around the edges lately? Threadbare? Decrepit? Unintelligible? To put it mildly, the show is in need of a massive audiovisual upgrade if only to render the lyrics of the songs discernible. Screamscape claims that the rehab will not be used to install the formerly annual Christmas show; this has been discontinued in recent years for cost-cutting reasons (and while you’re at it, why not send a note to WDW Guest Communications asking that they get their act together).

In any case, the bears are going to get a rehab of undisclosed scope and that’s always a good thing. If anyone out there knows the actual scope of the refurbishment, or whether the much-needed audio improvements will actually be made, let me know.

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3 comments to Mama Don’t Scrub Little Buford

  • I’ve been told that this is indeed going to address the audio issue – being a monthlong refurb however I can assume we’ll see refurring, new costumes, new curtains etc. Several months ago WDI went on the warpath about Bears and sent a list of demands to WDW management which included new figures for Melvin, Wendell, Trixie and others (the list was laughed off). Ironically I’d been seeing an improvement over the past few months – Teddi got a new hat and umbrella, audio was balanced, the forward tilt and right arm extend functions on Henry 1 were turned back on, Trixie was tilting on her ottoman again, and more. Last night, however, the figures were awful – Teddi’s eyelids were lazy and Zeke was all messed up – one eye open, the other shut, leaning way back, and twitching wildly. It was hilarious to see but really bad show. I’m wondering if they had a power surge or something because that can mess up lights, figures and all sorts of stuff.

    Good timing on your post too, I just put up one on Bears. ^^

  • Thanks for your info! I had been wondering about all this. It seems like every time I’ve seen the Bears over the last few years there was something amiss. Lots of lazy eyes and twitchiness. Glad to see that WDI is aware of the show’s condition…

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