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Frank and Ollie
Frank Thomas, left, and Ollie Johnston in 2004’s The Incredibles

As I predicted, many heavy-hitters of the animation community have begun to share their thoughts and remembrances of Disney animator Ollie Johnston. One thing that is obvious from reading all these posts is that Johnston was universally loved and respected; it’s rare in any industry for such a prominent individual to pass on without anyone having something nasty to intimate about them. Johnston has been repeatedly described as a gentle, incredibly friendly and giving man as well as a fiercely talented animator. He was also one of the greatest personality animators in Disney history.

Below are some of the better tributes I’ve found to Ollie. I’ll add to this list as I come across more.

Cartoon Brew has a list of links, information and videos.
Animated News
Rhett Wickham
Will Finn
Steve Hulett
John Canemaker
Hans Perk
Floyd Norman
The extensive official Disney press obituary

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