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Upcoming Films – Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3
2010 – dir. Lee Unkrich

Toy Story 3John Lasseter confirmed to Rotten Tomatoes in November 2007 what everyone already knew – Pixar was going to make Toy Story 3. Ironically this is the project that broke the camel’s back when it came to Pixar’s relationship with former Disney head Michael Eisner. Eisner, trying to play hardball during Pixar’s contract renegotiations, maintained that Disney held the rights to all the characters from the Disney-Pixar co-productions and would make Toy Story 3 with our without Pixar. Eisner set up an entirely new internal animation studio, Circle 7, in Glendale to specifically make sequels to Pixar films starting with Toy Story 3.

All this changed with the Disney-Pixar merger in 2006 and the resulting management shakeup; Lasseter shut down Circle 7 and abandoned their work on TS3 (more on this story, and the plot of the abandoned sequel, can be found here). Pixar, who already had a concept of their own for the film, began development under director Lee Unkrich. Unkrich was on the original creative team for Toy Story and co-directed Toy Story 2; he also edited both films. The storyline for the new sequel is still unknown, but it’s targeted for a 2010 release. Based on a treatment by Andrew Stanton, the film will be scripted by writer Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine).

Cast: Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear)

Crew: Lee Unkrich – Director, Michael Arndt – Screenplay, Randy Newman – Score, Darla Anderson – Producer, John Lasseter – Exec. Producer

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