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Judi Dench

The interweb is lighting up with rumors that the new narrator for EPCOT Center’s Spaceship Earth will be British actress Dame Judi Dench. While I was personally hoping for a secret return of Walter Cronkite, this is a more than satisfactory substitute. This is all still hearsay, of course (although strangely widely spread hearsay, unless the Dench fanboy movement is far more entrenched than I thought).

Disney has kept details on the Spaceship Earth rehab locked up tight, but a small trickle of details continue to emerge. Video screens which will allow a Horizons-like interactive finale have been installed in all the vehicles; these are at least partially on-line and on site. What might be an out-of-control rumor cascade is currently insisting that the project is ahead of schedule and will be soft opening by the second week of December. This would be a Very Good Thing considering that Team Tangaroa is going to be in situ that very week and was getting very testy about having to miss Spaceship Earth for a second consecutive visit. Get to work guys!

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