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Odds and ends

First and foremost, I’m happy to know that Lost will not initially be affected by the writer’s strike. There are several articles all around the net from different perspectives, and all point to the fact that the first 8 episodes will air as scheduled, in opposition to the plans of 24 to hold off on airing episodes. Hopefully, this will be a nonissue if there’s a swift resolution to the writer’s strike, but good to know.

Should the writer’s strike go on through the new year, there should be little competition for Lost and ABC should reap the benefits. TheSpoof has another article from the writer’s perspective, trying to work as hard as they can to tie up loose ends in a complicated show pre-strike.

2719 Hyperion has a thorough article up about one of my favorite shorts, Donald and the Wheel. It includes Buddy Baker’s “That’s the Principle of the Thing.” Baker, for those of you who do not know, is one of the prolific Disney theme park songwriters. Anyway, the article is here.

Finally, there is a great article that was posted on Halloween on Passport2Dreams that I missed. In celebrating the Haunted Mansion, Foxxfur discusses “The Myth of Story,” further discussed in an article on re-imagineering. Both these are worth a read and sober thought and judgement.

Good day.

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