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Happy 61st

Happy 61st birthday to Song Of The South, the Disney/RKO motion picture that debuted on this day at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. This movie was obviously based on the Uncle Remus stories from Joel Chandler Harris (who in turn wrote them from previously told folk tales), but nonetheless gave us three frequently used characters in Disney parks: Brer Fox, Brer Bear, and my favorite Brer Rabbit.

The ManObviously, we can ride Splash Mountain to celebrate, or we could sit and sulk about how Song of the South is not yet released in home video format. Eisner and Co. thought it too racially sensitive to release, and I can see why. I do believe that this movie has much more charm than the racial issue though.

There’s been a buzz recently that Iger and Co. are looking to rerelease Song Of the South, and Iger’s even admitted pondering this himself. Let’s hope that soon we will be able to get this movie as next in a long line of the Walt Disney Treasures series.

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