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One last bit of ‘biz.

bizzyThe other day I wrote a blog about Showbiz Pizza Place , a lighthearted tribute to a well enjoyed somewhat frightening institution of the ’80s. Before I drop the subject completely, I would like to point you to a certain video clip that is on the particular Showbiz tribute site I mentioned.

That video from 1984 shows an early version of the much-ballyhooed Living Character Initiative Disney corporatespeaks so much about. Early examples that have opened to great fervor from Generation Wii include Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT, Stitch Encounter at Hong Kong Disneyland, the Muppet Mobile Lab at DCA, and to a lesser extent the oft-troubled Lucky the Dinosaur and the officially shunned Laugh Floor Comedy Club at MK.


Anyway, Disney’s really on fire for this idea, and I suppose judging by the crowds in the Muppet Labs clip, expect more of this in the future. It’s interesting to see this again frightening Showbiz Pizza alternative from 1984. Also, there’s an interesting Wikipedia article about digital puppetry that’s worth a read, that deals with historical development of the technology that’s popping up around Disney parks worldwide.


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