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The Ryman Centennial: The 21st Century Begins

Herb Ryman at work on EPCOT Center’s Mexico pavilion

Herb Ryman’s work on EPCOT City for Walt Disney ended well before Walt Disney World’s debut in 1971. Ryman departed WED Enterprises that year, and set off on another round of world travels. He returned to the halls of Imagineering in 1976, though, in order to [...]

You Are Not The First To Pass This Way…

The great Martin Smith pops up again with the latest of his EPCOT tribute videos; this time we get to take a look at Norway – Gateway to Scandinavia, the 11th and (to date) final World Showcase pavilion. Originally slated to be a Denmark pavilion, the concept evolved into a Scandinavian Showcase before being winnowed [...]

It’s The Fourth Of July…

And what better way to celebrate than a look at what remains one of Disney’s greatest technological accomplishments, EPCOT’s American Adventure?

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Debuting Norway, 1988

In the summer of 1988, EPCOT was celebrating the arrival of Norway – World Showcase’s 11th pavilion. The pavilion had soft-opened that May, with a grand opening celebration following in June. So by the time of Walt Disney World’s 4th of July parade, it was time to give people a glimpse of the pavilion and [...]

EPCOT: Origins – The Tripartite Plan, 1975

By 1975, Walt Disney Productions had given up any pretense that it was ever going to build Walt’s city of the future in Florida. The stirring images of Progress City had disappeared from their promotional materials, and by July of that year a Disney spokesman publicly stated that “the concept that was originally envisioned is [...]