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Some Sketchy Ideas About Italy

Courtesy of John Donaldson come these sketches by Herb Ryman; they are preliminary studies for EPCOT’s Italy pavilion. While they are merely sketches, they do convey a Rymanesque sense of atmosphere and – of course – hint at a cast of interesting characters in the foreground.

The landmarks depicted do differ somewhat from the [...]

The Renaissance Age

When we old people bemoan the need for ambition, scope, and class in Disney’s current efforts, this is what we mean…

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They’re Watching You

A subject that comes up often when discussing EPCOT of old is the strange giant dolls that used to roam the promenade around World Showcase before characters were allowed in the parks. Disney wanted to offer a completely different theme park experience at EPCOT; if people wanted characters, went the thinking, they could go [...]

Don’t Blink!!

The next time you’re in the Italy pavilion at EPCOT…

Don’t blink.



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The Only Coaster I Want In World Showcase…

Two snaps and a sarape

I’m not sure when this seriously awesome coaster dates to, but it has to be pretty close to 1982. Not only does it use the original Mexico pavilion logotype, but it uses the fairly rare World Showcase typeface as well.

Also, I love Donald’s jaunty snaps.

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