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Trippy Tomorrowland

“Modcinema” on YouTube emailed me to let me know of some “remix” videos they’d created using, in part, footage from the Progress City YouTube Channel. Modcinema has its own channel, which you should absolutely check out post-haste because it is a mindbending cornucopia of midcentury retro-madness; jet-age spy-chic lounge-era cool right on the taupe edge […]

The Ryman Centennial: A Community Of Tomorrow

In 1965, when Walt Disney moved into active planning for his “city of the future,” he needed artwork to get his vision across. To help sell the project to the Florida legislature and state officials whose permission he needed to create a new type of governmental district to govern his property in central Florida, Walt […]

George McGinnis, Walt Disney, And The Underground Train Of Tomorrow

Odds are that if you’re reading this, you’ve put together a school project at one point or another. Maybe it was your elementary school science fair, or maybe it was your doctoral dissertation in particle physics. Either way, you’ve spent some time working one one of these projects. Maybe you won a blue ribbon for […]

The WEDway’s Back

There’s been a lot of low-level news lately that I’ve neglected to mention, and one of these stories involves my beloved WEDway Peoplemover. The Tomorrowland classic took a brief refurbishment break when Space Mountain went down for its rehab earlier this year, and has recently opened again with some minor changes.

Visually, the lights along […]

Neverworlds – World Showcase’s Arab Nations Pavilion

Artist’s concept for possible Arab nations pavilion, World Showcase

This rendering is for yet another unbuilt World Showcase pavilion, this time with the rather nebulous theme of “Arab nations.” This is not one of the well-known abandoned concepts for present day World Showcase, but rather an attraction intended for the original separately-gated iteration of the […]