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Finding The Groove

Not so very long ago, the Disney company made lots of animated films – some of which were drawn by hand by real people. They made big pictures; after the success of The Lion King, the goal of Disney Feature Animation was to make sweeping epics – always hoping for another shot at Oscar […]

Real-World Recruiting

Since we’ve seen my home-made attempt at a Disney recruitment brochure, why not a peek at the real thing? Courtesy of John Donaldson, here’s the cover of a Disney recruiting flier from the 1970s:

Why does this feel like some kind of awkward “health and hygiene” literature that would be distributed to teenagers?

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Sketchy Information

It’s been a while since things went rather quiet at Walt Disney Animation Studios in the wake of several canceled projects, awkward renamings, and general confusion and lack of direction. All that remained on the studio’s animated slate were this year’s Tangled, next year’s Winnie-the-Pooh, and Reboot Ralph – the computer animated film that has […]

Off The Shelf – Nightingale

Trayas, from Nightingale, by Mike Gabriel

I recently mentioned the unmade film Ramayana, once rumored to be in the works at the Disney animation studio. I’ve yet to see any artwork for this project; instead, a lot of fan sites on the internet mistake concept art for another project as being from Ramayana. This other […]

Progress City Home Theater: The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Let’s just cut to the chase – I’m a big fan of The Great Mouse Detective.

I’m also a firm believer that this modest 1986 feature is one of the most underrated gems in the Disney animated canon; more than just a solid stepping stone on the way to the later renaissance of feature […]