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Walt’s Scrapbook – The Beachcomber, August 1941

Walt sketches a friend in Miami Beach, August 13th, 1941 (AP Photo)

Perhaps it’s fitting that, with Walt & El Grupo now out on DVD, we pause before we head South America-way to make a stop in Miami Beach, just like Walt did in 1941.

The above photo was taken at the Pancoast Hotel in […]

Walt’s Scrapbook – Bella Notte, October 1966

“Actress Sophia Loren and producer Walt Disney are all smiles in New York City, Oct. 1, 1966 as they hold the silver trays presented to them at the convention banquet of the National Association of Theater Owners. Disney was honored as Showman of the World; Miss Loren as Star of the Year.” (AP Photo)

Walt […]

Walt’s Scrapbook – The Gallopin’ Gaucho, 1941

In 1941, Walt Disney and fifteen artists from his studio set out on a tour of South America. The trip was part of the U.S. State Department’s Good Neighbor program, intended to foster goodwill in South America to prevent the spread of Nazism in the Western Hemisphere. Walt and his artists visited several countries, […]

Walt’s Scrapbook – August, 1949

Walt Disney and family – wife Lillian and daughters Diane and Sharon – arrive in Los Angeles from Europe on August 1st, 1949 (AP Photo)

The outbreak of World War II had an enormous effect on Walt Disney Productions. Overseas film markets, which had contributed greatly to Walt’s profits on earlier films, were completely shut […]

Walt’s Scrapbook – June, 1955

Walt surveys his domain in June, 1955 (AP Photo)

What’s Walt up to today? It’s June of 1955 and he’s taking a walk down the middle of Main Street – or at least by the train station. But his dapper outfit seems out of place considering the surroundings; looking down Main Street towards the castle […]